lunes, 13 de octubre de 2008


1.CHAPTER I (Whispering decadence tunes)

2.CHAPTER II (Far away from hateful mankind plague)

3.With Anger We March Towards Domination

4.Lost in the Forest

5.On Wind's Wings

Aboriorth - Far Away from Hateful Mankind Plague (Full-length, 2007)

1.Prelude To Extinction 01:45
2.Bullets Of Hate 06:04
3.Destructive Thoughts 06:37
4.My Spawned Supremacy 07:20
5.Sons Of Nihilism, Bastards Of Destruction 07:10
6.Mankind Failure 01:28
7.Annhilation Of An Emtpy Kingdom 07:01
8.Aboriortholocaust* 04:40
9.Denial Of The Mankind (Panzerfrost cover)+ 03:44
Total playing time 41:10